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Would you like a FREE 45 MINUTE ASSESSMENT concerning where your business is now vs. where you want it to be? Simply message me and I will forward you the “Closing The Gap” worksheet and we will schedule a time to discuss it.

I could tell you about how I helped a client grow his business by 37% for the year after working with them for 4 months or about helping a Realtor define his market and make a 2 million dollar commission or how I helped a client double his business in 6 months…but that would be making it about me. THIS IS ABOUT YOU!

Sound Interesting? Would you like these results or better ones?
If you are happy with the way things are now – STOP READING!
If you are committed to making a change then keep reading.

CONTACT me now if you want:
To make more sales easier!
To grow your business and profits!
Get to that next level! (You know, the one just out of reach)
To create a business and not just have a job!
To start enjoying your business again!

My motto is that “No thought lives in your mind rent-free,” and that Personal development precedes business development.

I used to be a Marketing Consultant. In 1999 I fired all my clients. It was the best day of my life!! It was then I started to do what I was meant to do…and that helps small business owners get their businesses to where they want them to be.

I realized then that even though I helped businesses grow when I left them, they went back to where they were before we started working together. Their internal thermostat was stuck. They sabotaged themselves to stay at a level that was less than when I worked with them.

Now, I work with their internal thermostat FIRST, then we grow the business.

I help you understand why you think the things you do and how to think better. Awareness is the key and you need to be aware of what you think. It’s called Metacognition and most people don’t do it.

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